Oldies And Today’s Music

Now you can’t force anybody to like a certain type of music. but you can school them a bit on where our music came from. You see, a lot of today’s beats and even some of the rhymes are either taken from or mixed from some of our oldies music. The mixes in Today’s music just fits today’s generation because of the things that we experience or are used to ourselves.

Ever sit back and listen to the chorus of some songs, yeah it sounds great when you are the background singer, but what about the original version? We all start from somewhere. Ya’ll should all know Drake sampled Lauryn Hill’s-Ex factor, and if you wanna go way back, Notorious B.I.G sampled Diana Ross’s “I’m coming out,” in his Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems. All that has changed in the music today is how it’s presented to you and how you feel it. I love doing research on old music, and if you wanna consider Island music, Beyonce sampled Major Lazer Ft Vybz Kartel-Pon De Floor in her “Run the world.”

It’s amazing to see what we can do with music now a days, technology alone. I feel as though if you don’t feel the music how can you re-do it? Too often our older Artists or Original Artist are forgotten about when someone remixes their song, and I’m here to remind you where some words and beats came from. In order to feel what your singing/rapping on that beat today, or those words rather, you gotta feel it like the original Artist did. Not down talking today’s music, I’m just saying.

( Jessica Hunter )

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