Being Thankful With The Iris House


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, faster than you think in fact. As always, The Iris House have always put together something in regards to the holiday or each month. Starting November 5th, come on down to The Iris House located at 630 East Front St in Plainfield, NJ for free HIV testing. In doing so, you’ll receive a $10 Shoprite giftcard and a thanksgiving grocery bag along with free condoms. The fact of coming down and getting tested is not only saving your life, but the lives of your sexual partner(s), and from the bottom of my heart I am beginning you all to come on out and complete this action, it’s for a really great cause you know.

You may think you are STD/HIV free but how about being sure? Use a condom, get tested at The Iris House M-F 10am-4:30pm. In doing so you receive extra help with your groceries, how great is that? Even if you didn’t need it, it’s still a blessing, you need them condoms, you need that test. Need more information, ask me how? Need a condom? Ask me, or visit the Iris House.

( Jessica Hunter )

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