Today’s Views.

When people message me asking for help in a situation, or thank me for participating in anything they have going on, indeed it does warm my heart. But looking at things from my stand point, not only did God place me here to assist others (I feel), but to assist them in believing in themselves and pushing through whatever is going on, to show the world each person’s great abilities. Now not every time I succeed in doing so, but it’s good to know someone is always around. In doing so, you learn a lot about people and expansion of talent through name. In receiving many thanks from those I’ve worked with, and to be working with people miles and hours away from me is such a blessing. I wanna see more, I wanna hear more, I love what I do, I love the vibes we each bring to one another.

Shout out to everyone who helped me today, you guys are amazing. It’s like my name will leave a mark everywhere now, or atleast that’s what I plan to do. I didn’t come this far for nothing. I’m grateful to have worked with and seen a lot of my talents up close. This started as just a form of expression, until ambition pushed me harder, and then you guys did. I’m me for you, I love the fact that you guys feel open enough to hit me with ideas and work, you should see the texts and emails, and I’ve been slacking. Dedicating my life to a good cause on my own, and still maintaining my personal life, how do you sleep?

(Jessica Hunter)

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