What makes a Woman a Woman?

Breast and hips don’t make a woman, but my does it look beautiful. As any person, your personality makes you who you are. How you present yourself makes you who you are. But who says a woman has to have hair? Why can’t she rock a brush cut and waves too?

This world stereotypes so much that I got in a cab one day and the driver asks “Where we going sir?” Not realizing I am a whole woman. Another occasion out to eat, but this time it didn’t happen to me, it happened to my friend. And she goes:


It was funny, but still I find it disrespectful to assume. If you don’t know ask. I could see if we had a manly voice, than okay MAYBE, but I sounded so sweet and my chest are big enough for me and you, you think I’m just holding these? Women can rock short cuts too.

Now how you care for and carry yourself as a woman is a different story. You should always love yourself first before anyone else, you should always want to look presentable not only for your lover, or job, but for yourself. And that’s where the lack of self-esteem kicks in. I stand plenty of women in the mirror and tell them to repeat after me. ” My name is __________, I am pretty, unstoppable, and God loves me for who I am.” It works with me.

Now are we as women stereotyped to cook and clean while men work, yes, but it doesn’t have to be that way, I’ve seen cases other way around. But don’t you want your man to come home to a hot meal in a nice clean house? That’s just common sense. Nobody signed up to be an adult, but you were aware of what it comes with. Now we have things in the past that have hurt us to make us feel down and out, but we shall not dwell on that, we shall push forward.

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