Remaining Positive


You know, people often ask how I remain so positive even when a negative response is given, which is rare. I feel like people don’t see the good upon things. It’s always good to spread positivity. It gives people an energizer, a boost. Prime example, a homeless man is standing on the corner begging for change. One man walks past, the next gives him change. Positivity. I like to know how I made someone feel when I do such a thing, and it’s such a heart warming experience.

Speaking of which, I was watching a Policewoman show which depicted the lives and sacrifices of a certain town’s police women. During the show, one man pretended to be a veteran of the United States begging for change each day and was finally ticked because he did not show up in the system. As a human being, how could you do such a thing? You take away from those who have actually served and use it as an excuse, why not just ask for help. Times get hard, but the truth is always better than a lie. It broke my heart to see such a thing going on.

Depending on the area of where you’re from, you can kinda tell what a person’s situation is and what they are going to do with the change given just by the way they present themselves. Recently actually gave a lady my last dollar in pocket and all she wanted was a coffee. She got hers and I had mine, we both were satisfied and it warmed my little heart. I still have girl socks, a hat, and scarf for donation in case of in need. Doing things for others is always a great thing.

This is one of the things I mean by spreading positivity. Another form is just when somebody’s ready to give up, and I come along with encouraging words as we should do one another is amazing. I always enforce the positive things I see my community and others doing because it keeps them pushing, it gets us out there. I don’t do this just for me you know. I love what I do and seeing the expansion of myself and others!!

( Jessica Hunter )

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