It’s All About The Memories.


It’s no better feeling than when family comes together, and it shouldn’t take just holidays to do so. Tis’ the season to be jolly! Means Santa is coming into town and maybe there was a cousin’s stocking your forgot to fill that you didn’t even know, because you didn’t know he or she was your cousin. Keeping up to par with your family history is very important becomes history is why we are here today, and learning how to pass things on from one generation to the next is actually kind of amazing. You know, I’m actually thankful that I am able to learn so deeply into the 1600’s about my family members. Sometimes we wonder why our grandfather is Caucasian, but our great-grandmother or great-grandfather was African-American, or Indian, etc. In keeping up with family, just because they are not physically here, it’s still always good to know where they are laid to rest at. Sometimes we need someone to talk to, or miss our family members/significant others, they miss you too. Being able to bring up your next generation with this information is great as well, maybe I’m a different breed.

In keeping up with family memories, there are great recipes that I’m sure we’ve all learned from at least one family member in the family. My mom learned from my Grandmother of how to bake home-made cookies, and she turned around and taught me how to do it. When she first taught me, she had a lot to do for thanksgiving, everybody was relying on her for everything, and each year somebody’s looking for those cookies. Now I got the recipe, and got it down packed, so now I can past it on to my next generation. It’s the small things that matter the most, this is where we get our memories from the most. I’m telling you, love yourself, family, and friends while we are all here. You guys don’t look at things so small.

( Jessica Hunter )

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