Gemini’s In Today’s Generation

Just because we are near the same age, doesn’t mean we all have the same mindset. See, I’m always looking for positivity and supporting it because I believe in supporting one another as Ish said this morning.

I was wondering why I was able to vibe with him so much based off his sayings on Instagram. Everything he posts is something positive and a analizing each situation from a different aspect. See I can agree that Gemini’s have split personalities, but if you ain’t mature enough, you wouldn’t be able to understand. As discussed with Ish this morning, a Gemini’s “split personalities” is not mean and nice.

One side is vibing with you and the surroundings where as the other side is analyzing the surroundings from a different apsect and how any situation can go, (creating a back up plan). Sometimes we let the situation rock to see how far it’s gonna go, other times we remove ourselves when we realize we can’t help change a certain situation, into positive vibes. Too mature for this generation, yeah Gemini’s are the sh*t, but do you understand why?

The love we deliver as a Gemini is probably one of the purest forms of love because we are emotional and constantly thinking of ways to bring “US” up together wether in a relationship or friendship, it’s up to you to mess that up. With the positivity Ish posts each day, it was easy for me to depict his Zodiac Sign and vibe, I had already guessed. The support is real, ya’ll follow the positive vibes (Ish), nice vibing witcha and thank you for keeping up.

( Jessica Hunter )


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