Busy Mornings, Not Bitter

Busy mornings, appointments, rides, and blogs each morning, sleep barely hears from me anymore. My last deep and well rested sleep was most likely during the womb. LOL, I’m always on time for everything, but if it’s in the morning, I “Gotta have my Dunkin’.” Extra large, Light N’ Sweet each morning and then the rest of the day gets a little easier.

Standing in line this morning, and this lady of whom I didn’t know and vice versa walked right in and cut me. The greatness in me this morning wanted to say something to her about it which didn’t necessarily have to be negative well in a negative tone rather, but the other greatness in me held the door for her as she and I exited the store. She knew what she had done, and all she said was “Thank-you” for holding the door. Another part of me felt great to not be so bitter (although that’s not what it’s all about). I’m telling you man, kill the situation or person with the acts of kindness, sometime people expect different reactions and not giving them that reactions backfires on them as a question or reaction as to why you didn’t move as expected.

People don’t take heed onto the smallest things in life now and how to move about it. It’s all about impressing the next person and showing who’s tough in this generation. That situation that happened this morning, I wanted to react differently, I could’ve cursed her out and all that, but for what? I was just as “tough and bad” as I would’ve been had I cursed her out by simply walking away. You’d save more lives that way. People beef over the littlest things, men, women, nails, hair, colors, etc., it comes and goes, a lot more in the world. You have to look at everything from a bigger picture, you gon’ do what you wanna do and vice versa ain’t nobody forcing you to do nothing, but life is too short for the drama, it’s unhealthy.

Positivity is key. I keep pushing that in everyone when they’ve done something great. I also drink that whole cup of coffee so fast each morning because it’s so good. While you’re stressing over something dumb.

( Jessica Hunter )

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