Happy Black History Month!

My history stretches a long way as far as what I’ve done for others. History today stretches so far back for myself and others that during this month we celebrate. We celebrate those who have helped contribute to who we are as a person, community, and through our entertainment industry.

Rosa Parks was one to pave a way for African-Americans to feel comfortable when riding the bus by sitting where ever she wanted and stood her ground. Martin Luther King., brought people together and said listen we are going to stop this, we each deserve fair treatment. See our children and generation today don’t know how hard people fought for us to have the rights and justice we have today. Instead, people choose in killing one another, things people want to see us use/do to turn against each other, and it’s sad. It’s sad that we can’t come together and support one another without something unnecessary going on.

Speaking with Comma Gz everyday with great ideas for one another, I spoke upon this month. He felt as though what exactly are we celebrating? My response: ” Freedom, justice.” And how he responded caught my eye. “We aren’t free, that Constitution isn’t changed for us, we weren’t people, we were property. There are still segregated towns and schools around.” A complete twister.

However, today a beautiful Queen blessed my comments today ( see below ), Viola Sykes. She advised women how to be a woman, and what and who your body is and belongs to. She sets a good example for our 90’s generation that today’s kids need to hear and understand. “Little Girl,” you’ve heard it at every cookout, sweet 16, etc., take heed. Just a daily thought/conversation )

( Jessica Hunter )

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