” Sweet Love “


Bubsy Millions is back at it again and can give it to you in rapping or singing. Huge switch-up and awesome when you can do both, not many can. Last we discussed here on Literaturebyjessc.wordpress.com,  we talked about his influence on the positivity of not being depressed and how to get out of depression via his song “Depression,” now he’s back with more. More vibes from all different aspects.

Sweet love” was such an amazing vibe. Bubsy? Is that you? Yes it was! “Fixing ya favorite food like I’m taking your order,” such a gentleman, that’s what these ladies wanna hear. Made me wish he was my mans at first, running bath water, loving a woman right. He’s got so much ideas to give in so many different ways, and I can’t wait to physically meet him. Taking over Raleigh, North Carolina with a mixtape coming soon, ya’ll gotta hear that one man. Available via Youtube, Amazon, and Apple Music. Come check him out tonight, doors open at 8pm at The Apostrophe Lounge located at 1440 Tryton St, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC, BE THERE.

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( Jessica Hunter )

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