Incase nobody told you, you the sh*t. Confidence is everything. Denial is okay in life, it teaches you so many things. Things such as where something went wrong, what needs to be fixed, etc., but without belief, how do you get through? You win some, you loose some. You see, it’s so many new things around me physically, and mentally. I’ve watched such a hard hard worker just loose himself in a position he shouldn’t have. It was like I knew I had to have a positive influence on the situation, you know?

I was actually going to the store, but when I seen this young man in the condition he was in, I kindly took him for a slice a pizza, and had a conversation with him. I kid you not, about 3 days later, I was going to get my coffee and I seen this same guy looking so clean and changed. Do you honestly know how great I felt? He gave me a hug and even remembered my name y’all. Sometimes it’s just good to know that at least one person cares you know. Love one another, tomorrow is never promised. At that moment, I gave him a “Literaturebyjessc” slip and wrote “You’re amazing, keep pushing.” You can’t change everyone, but you can try.

( Jessica Hunter )

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