Think Before You Act.

Just cause you see them together, don’t mean they lovin’. Mind your business. Today’s generation would be a lot more better if people just minded their business.

What is the need to come at someone over the type of clothing they wear? You don’t know where they came from, you wasn’t always rich was you? You know what your family had to do to get you that gear? Remember who was there when you was rocking the same thing almost every other day?

That’s what’s wrong with these young people, living to impress others instead of yourself. I could tell you right now, not everybody is happy for your progression in life and everyone all claims they got you when you become “down”. Understand where you come from, and how to play the game. It’s okay to “Look rich and act poor,” sometimes because it’s called budgeting.

We all gotta get it some way, some how. How you get and secure the bag is your decision. At the end of the day, think of your parents first, make sure your family/child(ren) good. Make sure you’re good because at the end of the day, everybody wanna eat and don’t understand the concept of coming together instead of competition. Put some RESPECK on ya city’s name. Think about your future, credit, what you’re known for, and how you do it. Is that really how you wanna be known?

( Jessica Hunter )

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