Food For Thought

You see, people prayed on my downfall, and I prayed for myself, and those who prayed on my downfall. I was told I have too good of a heart, but if somebody doesn’t pave the way of positivity, who will? Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but I love seeing people happy, it warms my heart. Why? Because I was once on the opposite side where I felt that no one cared as well.

When you give out blessings, you receive them in return. It may not be what or when you want, but it’s coming. I try to remain positive in everything I do. As stressful as life can get, this is what I signed up for. Yeah it’s moments where my head spins and I question what’s coming at me next, but it’s called responsibility.

Now through life you’ll see two types of support. That ” I love what you do” genuine support from day one, and that “I’m so proud of you” from people outta no where. That’s where you have to be careful because where yo ass was at dawg when niggas didn’t need me?

( Jessica Hunter )

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