Animals Need Love Too

Having a pet rabbit wasn’t necessarily my intention. I went looking for a hamster because I actually really wanted one so bad for a while now, and just never got him due to instability at the time. In my eyes, animals are human and deserve to be treated as humans.

“Shaft,” (my rabbit) was the last Lionhead rabbit in that store, who looked very timid. He looked lonely, and I just fell in love with him. He was such a cutie, though his fur scares me, I love him. I’ve never had any other animal besides a dog or a cat, and was very surprised that I wasn’t scared of him.

Nobody ever looks at things from a different perspective any more. We survive off of animals ( some of us ), not only that, they are life savers. You have service animals and people who get pets for personal/emotional reasons, as a pet can be considered a child. Me? I’m just living my best life and wanted to try something new. Stay blessed!

( Jessica Hunter )

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