Second Chances

Now out of all the things my supporters suggested, one of my favorite decided to discuss/hear my opinion on second chances.

Lemme tell you all something. I was raised with the phrases “If it happened once, it’ll happen again,” and “Fool me one time, shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.” *J.Cole voice* So I can deeply argue this. We do things for a reason whether medicated, intoxicated, or sober. If you didn’t mean it, it wouldn’t have happened. Not trying to justify any situation, but I also believe in second chances. See we were just placed on this earth not ready for anything heading towards us, we just moved as we were taught.

When I say this I mean we each were taught to do things differently, grew up in different housing situations, different languages, etc., that plays a major toll on the person you are today. How does that coincide with second chances? Because these things can sometimes be a part of our past that we thought we left behind and it ends up coming back in a different form sometimes through a flashback or incident and then it’s starting from square one all over again.

I believe in second chances to an extent because you knew what you were doing in the first chance and was just trying to push it to see how far along you will get. My definition of a second chance is to actually see a situation progress or for the person to take initiative in doing so in each situation. It sounds crazy, but you get the drift. For example, I was given a second chance at the blessings I know have by taking initiative and getting up and doing what I had to do. Yeah it was a mess, but as long as God sees that you’re trying, he’ll meet you half way. Another thing. Please stop asking me what God and who I believe him, and downtalking my belief because he hasn’t moved on your time. Obviously you’re not doing your part in bettering your situation, blessings don’t just fall from the sky, and believe it or not, most of them come from people aside from God praying for you. Blessings.

( Jessica Hunter )

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