Put It Down

Drugs and Alcohol tend to take over our life. Too often we depend on those things to take away feelings, emotions, or thoughts we don’t want to talk about. That’s not an excuse anymore! It becomes to a point where nobody wants to “chill” around people who abuse the use of alcohol as a celebration or depression. We are not realizing what it is doing to our upcoming generations.

Children see adults doing such things and think it’s okay for them to do it as well because it’s what our generation sees. Nobody pays attention to the fact of what Drugs and Alcohol do to you as a person and the people who care for you. I can’t stand the thought of alcoholism due to the fact that it ran in my family. Things change when you’re intoxicated and “used to it” or think you can handle what you’ve already taken in and constantly doing it each night. You can either turn violent or very emotional. Both of what can take over your brain emotionally and life physically. It’s not good due to past experiences and visuals, if you needed someone to talk to, give me a call before the bottle.

Anyone I see drinking excessively, I always try to prevent that situation and do other things like go out to places or something as a way to through your mind off of that. We can’t keep using the same excuses as to why we are hurt. Granted we all hurt differently and grieve differently, but slowly draining yourself isn’t correct. I never like to brag about a situation, but I’m very mature for the things I’ve been through, and what keeps me positively flowing is the belief that others believe in me.

( Jessica Hunter )


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