The Past Always Comes Back

So a few days ago It was a very nice day out and I told you about a guy I frequently see walking up the streets and at a pizzeria. ( View article here ) Today, I didn’t feel for left over spaghetti at the moment because I knew I’d make that garlic bread with it later, so I stopped for pizza. I took a friend out who is going through a lot and trying to change for the better, and guess who remembered me? The same guy and guess what I did? The same thing. I told him to grab something to eat and drink and it was on me. The smile he had from ear to ear touched my heart. Some may say I have a big heart, some may call me a fool, but I been at the bottom before. Or let me rephrase this, I know what it feels like to be trying to do things on your own, yet have nobody, if that makes any sense. He left a great message for my Instagram to see, and I should have gotten a picture with him, but his smile was enough. No I’m not sucking up or trying to flash and flaunt, but it’s nobody’s fault as to the predicament we are all in, and there is a difference between trying to help yourself, and just trying to get by. I am able to tell the difference, and he is one who wants to help himself. If it takes me to buy him a slice of pizza or form of dinner each day as a form of support, I’d do it. Why? Because as I explained to him when he asked “Why are you so nice?” because someone saw potential in me at my lowest, now I feel it’s my duty to insure others the same feeling.

( Jessica Hunter )

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