Get Fit With ThicFit


I’m all for the positivity of anything or person doing great in life. Too often women are looked down upon in the work and entertainment industry. Anything a man can do, a woman can do just as well. Infact, I was recently watching a video of a woman changing a tire and wasn’t recognized for her work because her body was covered. But my sister and her friend have changed the game with this one.

ThicFit19 , a team dedicated to the fitness of those deeply interested in the health of their bodies. It’s not just a workout team/plan. Her and her friend Ty are so dedicated to the fitness and health of themselves, and they show and partake in every fitness and health dedication possible. With a great diet along with the workout, that’s a thick fit alright. We each have our own ways of loosing/gaining weight, and though I have workout plans of my own, I have the opportunity to see their daily progression. I’m proud of the interactions they’ve had as far as my own town, a challenge with music by DJ Smallz , and now starting their own movement. More women are taking over and this is what the world needs, woman can do it to, gon’ brush ya shoulders off *jay-z voice* . It’s more of me trying to better the world and put eyes on different things, I SUPPORT. We’ve got more coming at you soon. STAY TUNED, WE THE MOVEMENT.

( Jessica Hunter )

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