Dedication And A Little Patience Lead To Boog Greatness, If You Ain’t Here You Hatin’.

#BigMoodTalk , The team just continues to uprise in every way, shape, and form. Every time you look up it’s another idea being thrown in ya face, why? Because we don’t quit, and Boog is so determined to make sure we talking more than just #BigMoodTalk.

Tearing the stage up in a lounge near you, come sip and rock wit him. It’s nothing but positive vibes. Album release party was so official because he didn’t make it just about him, he brought his team up, people of whom he seen potential in. As biggie would say, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.” This Thursday, Hosted by Excell, and soundtrack by Ejay The Dj from Fubu Radio, catch Boog Jefferson on stage at Mr.G’s Lounge in East Orange NJ. See you there? 😉


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( Jessica Hunter )

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