Boog Jefferson Is A Winner.🏆

A winner is somebody who has put the time in to get to the position that they are in now, with or without help. A winner is someone who instills positive thoughts in their head even if it feels incorrect. A winner is someone who takes pride in what they do, and walk away with their head held high. Boog Jefferson Is one of those winners. Tearing up Mr.G’s Lounge with all the lights in his face, he delivered the vibe that made you look when he got on stage. From the fashion, to the voicing, to the interaction with the crowd, I LOVED IT.

When you’re on stage, there is a special type of deliverance that should be given towards the crowd. You wanna make sure they remember your lyrics, they feel your song, and as my camera moved, the crowd was just as interactive as all those lights in my face *Boog voice*. I love how he always attempts to up rise in the best way possible. This ain’t the end, and it damn sure ain’t the beginning, built ground up, expect a lot more being thrown at you. Maybe you can catch him on the weeekenddddd.😏 Special shout out to Excell, Ejaythedj, and Fubu Radio, we support positivity. Performance available below.

Boog Jefferson: ( Instagram ) ( Twitter ) ( Website ) ( Soundcloud )


( Jessica Hunter )

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