Madea Makes Us Realize

Now recently I went and viewed Tyler Perry’s ” A Madea Family Funeral,” and it was so GREAT! See I actually took the time to analyze his characters in comparison to the life we live. Now any real Madea fan knows Madea, Joe, Brian, Hattie, Cora Jean, and Aunt Bam are usually regular characters.

Although most characters are played by him, they each have a separate meaning to the world. Basically, Tyler Perry does a great job with the deliverance of what’s going on/has happened in Today’s world, yet in a funny way. Anytime Madea says ” You know us black folk…,” she’s always right. And I don’t mean to incorporate that in a racial way, I mean, nobody pays attention to what really goes on in today’s world, as long as it’s not them it doesn’t matter.

Why are we so defined by the color of our skin? Why is every action based off the color of our skin? In my opinion, some of the things that are depicted in life isn’t funny, it’s the way he makes it by the jokes. These are real life moments, but what I love the most is that family has never given up on one another, and every bad situation brings the family closer together. “A family that prays together, stays together.”

( Jessica Hunter )

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