The Spotlight

As a person of importance to the music industry or life itself, the camera’s seem to be always rolling and catching something. Paparazzi don’t care because it’s their job. The pressure comes on because you gotta make sure that you look capable of the material you are presenting, you have to keep up with the name you created. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I’ve seen relationships deteriorate due to fame and social media, if love is love, support is support, the position you play in life should have nothing to do with the position you play in a relationship. No amount of turning up should make you loose focus in what you came to do. The people in our Social Media past, present, and future have a major influence on our lives today. Like one of my influences in spreading positivity after a bad situation is always Hashim Garret. I was too young to fully intake all information, all I knew was he was still standing after a bad situation. Growing up, “Why Forgive?” made me look at life from a different aspect, especially in being a blogger.

How does all of this connect one may ask. It means when your in the spotlight, remember where you came from. Remember who was there for you before you became who you are. In connection with the book “Why Forgive” and Hashim Garret, never give up.

( Jessica Hunter )




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