Top Striker

Last we spoke about Black Mattic, Greenhitz showed me “Oao,” ( see article here ) ,which quickly hit the charts. Now, he’s back and he’s better, DI CHAMPION BOY * Alkaline voice*. As usual, Black Mattic delivers a different type of vibe in Reggae. In his most recent Mixtape “Top Striker,” he made sure we all knew who he was and that he came back to win. He’s overrated, he speaks with Pride in himself, as we all should. I KNOW you’ve all heard ” Running Gunz,” you know how I know? Here it go right here, but you must find your way to your own views and downloads.


Hosted by ZJ Elektra and available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram, keep up. He don’t sit still or wait for anyone, if something needs to be done, it’s gonna get done. He’s always looking for more ways of progression and that’s what I love the most about him. You can tell he puts all effort into what he’s got to do. Have you heard the intro to his Mixtape? UP! If I keep going, I could sit and tell you about his progression all day because that’s how much of an up-rise he’s made, but you can go ahead and follow him on everything. This time Greenhitz didn’t show me him, I kept up like you will too. Catch me blasting his music off di wek up.

( Jessica Hunter )

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