Greenhitz Shows Me Black Mattic

img_4908Blessed to hear and recommend the hottest DJ’s and newest music, Greenhitz emailed me ( ), with some FIRE, Black Mattic. Releasing a different type of Jamaican vibe titled “Oao“, I had to put my headphones in and move my hips a bit. Released in the earlier part of November, it’s not too fast, but, but it’s not too slow, issa vibe. I had to hear more so I went and checked him out via Twitter, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Now see in dancehall, every Jamaican artist produces things differently. Though they mostly produce sexual beats (which I enjoy too), but Black Mattic made me feel the first 30 seconds of the song by the energy he gave towards life and the music which I was still able to move my hips to. The whole song was a twist, it starts off with a vibe you may think is coming, and then switches to the concepts of real life actions and things I could connect to. I was able to vibe to not just the beat, but his lyrics.

As far as Greenhitz, thankyou for dropping such fire in my email and contacting me period. It’s always nice to hear and dish out different vibes, and as long as it’s positive, I’m definitely down. If any DJ or new music needs to be heard, I definitely thank Greenhitz for contacting me with help, great look!

( Jessica Hunter )

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