Why I Do It.

I was told I should show appreciation towards myself a lot more upon my website so here it goes. I love that people notice what I am trying to enforce. Behind every person is a story as to who they are and where they came from. I’ve witnessed a lot of things that shouldn’t have happened or could’ve been prevented. It takes someone to lead the crowd of positivity and irregardless of what someone thinks or says, I love what I do.

I’ve come across amazing talents and artist, and even had the opportunity to connect with people in higher positions. What a blessing! I work hard because it’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy networking, communications, and the mind. I love the smiles on a person’s face when they notice you care and are behind them whether it be for support or as a team. Honestly, seeing that makes me happy in a way that I might’ve needed in my past/current situations. I guess you can say that’s why I’m so involved in the progression of my surroundings.

As a blogger, this wasn’t my intentions from the start. It started with a pen and notebook with expressions of daily emotions as I continue to tell people. Now others are mentioning me on their radio stations, going live with me, I’ve got children, security guards, and my city representing or noticing me as “Literaturebyjessc“. From nothing to something it all takes time. HUGE S/o to Marv for the suggestion of this blog and continuously noticing my ideas and work.

( Jessica Hunter )

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