National HIV Testing Day With The Iris House!

The Iris House is A Great addition to the community. Always enforcing positive energy, always willing to work with you, very confidential, and they are those you can come and talk to when you’re too nervous or don’t have anyone else to talk to. Hosting group events to where women can come together to make one another stronger, and also distributing free condoms, The Iris House will be hosting a free HIV testing at Walgreens, corner of South Ave and Leland Ave in Plainfield, NJ from 10am-2pm on JUNE 27TH.

Getting tested can be a pretty nervous thing, but safe sex is greater than no latex. Condoms are essential to our everyday being, not only does it protect you, but your partner as well. Here at the Iris house, you are protected. The Iris House makes you feel comfortable enough to discuss relationship and sexual topics. They give the best advice with open arms, not because it’s their job, but because they care. June 27th, come out and get tested! Just because you don’t notice anything doesn’t mean your body hasn’t. Our STD rates rise because of the rapid expansion of intercourse. Nobody’s saying not to have intercourse, but make sure it’s something you really want to do with your partner, make sure you feel safe and open to it, MAKE SURE YOU BOTH GET TESTED. HELP US HELP YOU. Use a CONDOM. I’ve collected many myself from the Iris House not only for myself, but to pass out for the protection of others, both male and female. I LOVE the Iris house, and I thank you guys for caring about others, because not many do.

( Jessica Hunter )

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