Interracial Bonds.

Racism is a commonly overlooked issue. Sometimes you don’t notice these things until you are a part of these situation itself. As a victim of stereotypes, let me tell you how okay it is to be who you are. Friends and Family come from all different ethnicities, and situations.

I love when people see me hanging around others who are not “The same skin color as me,” because YOU don’t know what it took for such bonds to uprise. It’s so much more to life and friendships than the layer of the skin that protects the blood that we all bleed from the same cloth. Interracial relationships need to be seen a lot more. It’s not even just the thought of coming together, it’s the thought that people actually care for one another.

I have a little one who I deeply consider my brother, why? Because “Our Family” does anything for one another. In my process of growth and stepping up, while juggling literaturebyjessc, this was the family I knew. This is the family who calls me if I haven’t spoken to them in 4 hours. If you just open up a little bit, we each have a story and how we choose to go about it, and who chooses to love and accept you for you can be very surprising. Love the skin you’re in, not every gift, donation, or blessing comes from just “your people,” or “your family”.

( Jessica Hunter )

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