Life Ain’t No Rehearsal, The Camera’s Always Rollin’

Life doesn’t just “fix” your mistakes or tell you when you’ve made one. Typically you learn on your own, as I always say “With Pain Comes Strength” tatted on my arm. Not every life lesson deals with pain, it’s about moving in the right direction.

Anything that has happened to me, I’ve had the power to rise above the whole situation just by the name of and becoming “literaturebyjessc.” Literaturebyjessc is a positive movement with positivity spread towards everyone, including those who may not like it. Not out of spite, but out of progression. During these past few months I’ve juggled meeting a lot of new people and talents, reconnecting with people, popping out at parties and events and now I’ve snatched a whole nother job to show you all how dedicated I am. Having your own apartment is so very fun, but progression never stops there. OH yeah, this is for those who said I couldn’t do it, I’m half way to the top.

( Jessica Hunter )

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