$antana II Society

We grew up together, the life we experienced, I knew we all was gonna be something. The difference between me and $antana Da G is I’m a blogger, he’s a real rapper.

You rap better about a life you’ve experienced personally. ” We ain’t duckin’ but we in these streets,” – No Dollaz, ” If you make a wrong move, I’ll put a 30 in yo a**.” Did you feel that like I did? Or maybe you need to hear for yourself. I love how hard he believes in himself and his own music, he don’t do it just to do it, and ofcourse Risco gonna let him know when to run that back. Who f*ckin’ wit Blaqwall Studios? The motivation within Santana, we all should have, he’ll f*ck around and be the next Juelz, ya’ll know ya’ll remember Juelz dip dip, Santana set set Dipset Dipset Dipset, OWEEEE.

When Santana said “Ain’t have shit now a nigga living paid,” via “Pay 4 It” I felt that. I remembered the things I’ve been through to get to where I’m at. If you don’t support now, don’t wait til’ last minute, and don’t say I ain’t tell you so. My guy is a F*CKING VIBE! Follow him on IG HERE where you’ll find his latest music via applemusic, and the hottest flics.

( Jessica Hunter )

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