Writing is a form of expression when other ears don’t understand, not to share this story as other’s business, but a blessing to someone who has awaken and bettered themselves off their weaknesses &/or past. 💪🏾

Uncertain Changes

People usually jump to weed as the ” gateway drug ” but In all honestly it’s caused from childhood trauma. Sexually abused victims goes to drugs or come to terms that them being hyper sexual is normal in all facts it’s a cover up to hide up the screaming for help. Abuse in a child home always turns into a toxic relationship and the love for alcohol, they all have the same similarities abuse in any type is the lead to drugs use , violent behavior and mental illness. For example my fear of commitment stems from seeing my dad in and out of relationships and my mom being beat for ten years , my hyper sexual tendencies stem from being sexually assaulted and being raped for three years starting at the age nine to twelve , my condescending behavior stems from never being treated equal and my violent behavior…

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