Be Who You Are.

A part of being yourself comes with being who you are as a person. Straight, gay, medicines, disorders, whatever. Sometimes a lot of people feel the need to put on a fake persona to hide who they are because they’re either inconfident or just truly scared of what others may think. Let me tell you this, the best way to meet someone is how they are, why? Because it shows how far your trust can grow with that person, and if your trust doesn’t go as far as you may want it to go with that person, and even so, you’ve just learned the real them.

Seeing someone’s true colors also shows you how much one may care for one another. See sometimes we have the tendency to want to be brutally honest to those we care about, which may be needed. A lot of us are going and growing through things that we may sometimes need guidance for. I feel that’s the type of person I am. What truly made me happy is although my best-friend is hard headed as hell, which is understandable, I actually heard “Jess was right.” It is okay to be wrong, and it is okay to be yourself. Face your fears.

( Jessica Hunter )

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