Back To School Positivity.

Our favorite Cupcake lady has never missed an important moment in our lives. She’s been there in times of cold, during your cramps, and now she’s got ya back for school. Recycling uniforms, along with the collection of other materials, Mrs.Welch has a heart for us all. Her monthly donations to anything makes everything count. She’s always got an idea to push harder for those who are unable to do so.

This is the type of mentality needed all around. More people need to know they are cared about and not alone in the things they go through. Though it is no one’s fault as to why we are in the predicaments we are in, to see someone make a reach is truly amazing. This is the type of positivity I push for, for the city of Plainfield, and all around. You’ll meet great people and interesting stories with the positive interacts given and reciprocated. Mrs.Stacey , I’d like to thank you for being just as considerate, consistent, and content with the love you give your city. You are ALWAYS appreciated!!

( Jessica Hunter )

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