Back To School Positivity.

Our favorite Cupcake lady has never missed an important moment in our lives. She's been there in times of cold, during your cramps, and now she's got ya back for school. Recycling uniforms, along with the collection of other materials, Mrs.Welch has a heart for us all. Her monthly donations to anything makes everything count.... Continue Reading →


Altariq Nelson is always doing what he can for his community whether it be with others or by himself. " It's the kids community and they need it now!" From getting a job, to selling cupcakes, he's willing to do whatever it takes. With the help of Tish Owens who helped bake the cakes, and... Continue Reading →

Altariq Stands Up For What’s Right

As I continue to watch the growth of this young man and his team, I am deeply impressed by the progression of who and what they've became. Altariq has done meetings with the mayor of Plainfield, got a job on his own, and started a donation fund not for him but for his team. It... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than Just A SweetShop

Each moment I come to Plainfield, I HAVE to stop and visit my favorite cupcake lady. She's been doing so many positive things for the city alone. It's like she puts herself after others, sometimes people need to experience that type of love and care. The reason I respect Ms.Stacey so much is because she's... Continue Reading →


Altariq Brown has fought so hard for the changes him and his community deserves. From meetings with the mayor, to protesting, to getting jobs to raise money for the team. See ya'll thought this was a one year thing, NOPE! These children want their community back and it is well deserved. I support 100 percent... Continue Reading →

Help Us Gain Our City Back!!

You see Altariq Nelson is not all about himself. As I said he believes in the positivity for and of everyone. He's been stressing himself out with ways to not only get his team back and make it better, but for others to understand that we all share this world. Parents complain of how "fast"... Continue Reading →

    Believing in something and standing for it is absolutely amazing. It's an amazing feeling, amazing experience due to the fact that you come in touch with others trying to do the same, and then from there, the bond is incredible. Bringing Back JHBD, Altariq Nelson don't care what it takes to do so,... Continue Reading →

Literaturebyjessc Stops By Livay’s Sweet Shop With Warmth.

What I do for this world, to me, is everything. I love the positive vibes given to and from "Literaturebyjessc". You don't know my story, when and were I can help, I will, and so will my mom. Livay's Sweet Shop did her 3rd Annual Sock Drive this year as I've been telling you about... Continue Reading →

We have another talented person who likes to get flashy 📸

Positive vibes only. EVERYBODY knows to bring all talents to my sight and hearing and I take it from there. The greatest part of doing what I do is the expansion of and different types of talent. It's a lot of Poets, Authors, and Song Writers out there, but I've had the pleasure of coming... Continue Reading →

Keeping Those Toes Warm!

Every since meeting Mrs. Stacey, I've always picked up such a warm and welcoming vibe. Before becoming literaturebyjessc, I would always go make sure she had enough of my favorite cupcakes, while she and my mom would gossip. Then I became deeply interested in the feelings and mind of others after being in certain predicaments... Continue Reading →

Restricted Against Will ( RAW )

I always got open eyes and ears for talent especially when it comes to music. Y'all know I love constantly repeating somebody's lyrics because I feel it or can relate to it so bad. " Restricted Against Will," was recently released by Raw Cruz and his whole vibe caught my ears. One of the first songs... Continue Reading →

Ladies Love Bubsy !

I remember when I first heard Bubsy Millions-Depression, an instant download because I was able to relate to it so deeply. At one point in time I was in that position and was able to directly feel and connect to his music just as if I were he. That's great music! Back with another Bubsy... Continue Reading →

Livay’s Sweet Shop 3rd Annual Coat Drive

Back at it again for a third time, Our Favorite Cupcake lady has done an annual Kids Coat Drive for the Plainfield School System including Stillman, Clinton, Jefferson, Evergreen, Emerson, Barlow, Cook, Woodland, Washington, Maxon, Hubbard, and Kings Daughter Day Care to name a few! Back in November, Our Favorite Cupcake Lady (Livay's Sweet Shop) set... Continue Reading →

Keep Spreading Positivity‼️

As I always try to have anything to do with the positivity of my community and yours as well. Someone miles away from me caught my idea and was also doing the same. In fact each morning, evening, night, and holiday, Boss Don sends blessings and positivity to the world. Each morning I receive a... Continue Reading →

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.

Christmas is near and everyone I've come across is spreading such great holiday cheer. People are helping others get warm, people are being given hot meals, and best of all, the option of FREE HIV TESTING with The Iris House. Come on down to 630 East Front st, Plainfield, NJ, and get tested FOR FREE... Continue Reading →

Embracing Goodness In You All.

You know, everybody isn't the same. Every situation isn't the same. If you don't learn to appreciate the surroundings around you, you will find yourself at a stage in life you might not want to be in. Life gives twists and turns, people and opportunities and it's up to you to use them. How you... Continue Reading →

What you think?

Now I've always been into dreams and where they come from. I kept dreaming for a while that I am supposed to be saving people from something, yet I can't see what these people needs to be saved from. It's like when I finally get to see, everything becomes a blur or fades and I... Continue Reading →

Your Favorite Customer

You ever get so attached to what you do that you just don't wanna stop doing it? The support for Literaturebyjessc has been absolutely appreciated and amazing. I love the responses and knowing that I've had an impact on someone. Now today before heading out, my friend came on over and we were catching up... Continue Reading →

Being Thankful..

Sometimes people need to hear that they are loved and that they provide some form of happiness to someone. It's a form of reassurance, allowing one to feel they have purpose on this earth. Therefor, my gift to others is to assure they know that, and my gift to the world is you get to... Continue Reading →

World Aids Day FT. The Iris House

As we know, safe sex is great sex, and should always stay protected. STDS are up in the air, and at a high point around us. They just don't come from under them sheets, you can receive it orally as well. I constantly acknowledge the fact that safe sex is great sex, not just for... Continue Reading →

Ain't nothing wrong with a little 2muchsuace, especially when it's on your wings. Located off of Randolph road in Plainfield, Nj, across from the old Muhlenberg Hospital, I (Literaturebyjessc), stopped by to grab favorite Honey bbq wings. Man the whole truck is family, so open, welcoming, and honest. I remember when this truck first came... Continue Reading →

Your Relationship With God.

You can not tell someone, or shall I say force them rather, on who and what to believe in. But we can all believe we came from something and someone. Now there are times where I hear people complain when someone is speaking religiously not believing that things don't happen through God. In my opinion,... Continue Reading →

We don't quit, especially not for Joanne Hollis, our black diamonds kept on pushing. Just because seasons changed and schools back doesn't mean anything, they still want to keep their community. In order to show somebody greatness, sometimes you have to lead and that's exactly what Altariq did with his group even if he had... Continue Reading →

  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, faster than you think in fact. As always, The Iris House have always put together something in regards to the holiday or each month. Starting November 5th, come on down to The Iris House located at 630 East Front St in Plainfield, NJ for free HIV testing. In doing so,... Continue Reading →


In recognition of the late Joanne Hollis, Altariq came up with a dance group " Joanne Hollis Black Diamonds." A great group of talent, not just dancing, but flexibility, rapping. Such a positive group to keep our kids in, out of trouble and doing something productive, besides school. We fail to remember, there are kids... Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women are one of the most powerful Human Beings on Earth. The ability to reproduce and create another soul is absolutely amazing. With that being said, a Woman's body is a blessing because of its beauty and qualities. Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ladies! It's always great to keep up with your body physically and... Continue Reading →

Ladies can we talk?

From the beginning of meeting the staff of Plainfield's Iris House, I fell in love. They were so open and welcoming as a team. In noticing that they are in more than one location at any needed time, I found that completely amazing, aside from the FREE HIV/AIDS testing and condoms. So welcoming, I had... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Food Truck ( 2muchsauce )

When I first met "2muchsauce Food Truck" I was "Storiesbyjess," now I'm "Literaturebyjessc" and they got a whole nother truck. I'm tryna be like them! Dedication is important, and boy have they shown it via work, Instagram, events, etc. I'm very glad to have the opportunity of watching this food truck progress. You've got people... Continue Reading →

Marv in action

I forgot how I met this girl, but once we talked business and started showing each other our different mindsets and work, her mindset was amazing. I believe that one of the best ways of showing emotion is through music because you can feel that energy, that emphasis. I recited a poem to Marv ("Mirror"),... Continue Reading →

Cold days are finally approaching. Keep ya'll germs and all'at to yourself because nobody tryna get sick. This that sweater weather, that "lil boo thang" weather. Kids finally back in school and out the streets! You know what I would do for one more day in high school? Me neither, because it ain't that serious,... Continue Reading →

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