Bubsy Millions- ” I Do It In My Sleep “

Bubsy does it all through depression, and he most definitely does it with his eyes closed ” I Do It In My Sleep.” Now ya’ll know I LOVE “Depression not only because it was relatable, but he cared and you seen it during the video. You felt his words just as I did during his whole album.

I could literally talk about every song and give you the run down, but this one YOU have to listen to yourself. ( I’m at work on break writing this .) ” Believe ” was definitely an eye opener for me, once you’ve got it or start making it big, that’s when the attention is all on you as Bubsy said ” Now they Believe us cuz we the shit.” I FELT THAT!

Just as well I “When you mess up, you gotta make it back.” Not everybody has that same mindset as you. Like Bubsy said “It’s the proper education that build up ya mind.” PAIN! I felt that. Anything Bubsy raps about, it touched me in different ways that others would feel irregardless of if they’ve been through the situations or not. He’s a sweet guy, who knows all aspects of a woman, how to make a woman happy, and what they prefer versus how they get treated this days.

Get off yo a** if you plan to be rich, right Bubsy?! BIG SHOUT OUT TO DJ DELLMATIC !!

( Jessica Hunter )

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