I’m Back

My bestfriend sat me down and saw straight through my intentions. I was told I’ve been slacking with literaturebyjessc, and that I’m going somewhere with it, so here’s the deal. I’ve got a bunch of things in mind, first off I wanna start by saying we are still accepting donations for The Revolution Of Love. All that old clothing you’re about to get rid off because it’s tax season, and/or you’ve out grown it, think of someone else. Yes we can arrange pick ups and drop offs. My personal goal this year is to see a lot of baby clothing, when I did, it was AWESOME. Our population expands daily real shit, but no child should see what I saw growing up, and now.

I also want to have some sort of artist event as to where all talents I’ve worked with and new experiences are available to connect and share with one another. Comma, Boog, Bubsy, Haji, Leek, Bam, Driicky, Supa Dizz, Tone, ( forgive me if I forgot you, no love lost), only a few for example are all great talents in their own way. So as you can see, I have a lot on my mind coming back into the game.

And then, there is the best part. Christmas is coming. Any old toys you are not using, I’m wrapping. One motorcycle or baby doll can make someone else’s day. It’s not about why people are in the predicament they’re in, but the warmth that comes from your heart when doing so. It’s such an amazing feeling, I definitely do have plans and ideas in mind. Just stay tuned as my work life and attending events have been a little bit controlling and tiring but guess what. Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the work in, and I don’t do it for fame.

( Jessica Hunter )

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