Going Live With Literaturebyjessc

I’ve been going live recently excessively via Literaturebyjesscand you guys have really been rocking with me. We’ve done talent vibez before and our episodes used to go DUMMY. We had fun every Thursday for an hour remember? I’ll post one again.


But anyways I’ve been going live just to get a feel of rocking with you guys again, and I had an amazing time with Artus Music Group . I was taking music selections just to see what everyone vibed with and they not only had a wonderful music selection, but was just as into the positivity as I was. They stayed engaged, we danced, we laughed, and that’s what I’m all about. I’m all about fun, expansion, connection, communication, help, pride, positivity, and I just felt it so well that day so shout out to them. ( CLICK LINK TO FOLLOW ) .

You know why they had such great taste in music? Because Artusmusicgroup is a recordlabel/artist managenent company CHECK Trax Jiggy, OGp!nkboi , Ali.the.gent

I love music, and obviously this whole group does, they have vibes from dancehall to rap to r&b, I love when artist can do more than just one. I love when artist/producers/labels are as engaged in the music they are producing as to what they hear. GREAT VIBES!! Soundclouds: Trax Jiggy // OGp!nkboi // Ali.The.Gent 


( Jessica Hunter )

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