Dear 2020

You’ve already blessed me with the continuous support of strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, as we exit 2019. The loyalty to myself #1 was much needed. I came to focus when bills had to be paid and I sort of jumped into everything throwing so much work upon myself that I fell behind a tad bit; but nobody forgot about Literaturebyjessc

It seems as though you guys love when I speak my mind open and maturely, so upon 2020 my main advice is to do all that you do for sincerity, and not for clout. Make sure the person you’re loving on is clean via check-ups and The Iris House. Make sure your hobby/job is providing the correct income needed to prevail. And I’ve always learned, nobody’s an enemy because we all wanna win; it’s not a competition, but STOP THE ENVY of those tryna grind. What do you do in your spare time?

In the mean time, Literaturebyjessc is BACK ON YOUTUBE , HOT LINKS DROPPING SOON.

( Jessica Hunter )

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