Panda * Desiigner voice *

Panda *Desiigner voice* .. They got cleaners in Atlanta, sweepin & dustin ya fans off. A Great cleaning service with competitive rates yo momma can’t beat but afford. It doesn’t take Tahmir Meeks long to get the job done at all. He likes clean floors, good cuz I like when ya’ll take ya shoes off at my door or Tamir cleaning my floor. He’s been in the game, he’s knee deep, he like clean floors, he’ll scrub, and sweep. All his team members dressed and ready and to set it off, all you do is book him. Look at the work he’s done thus far:

Just The Way You Left It
Youth Centers
Bathroom ready for guest!
Meeting In Ya Bedroom 😉

Youth areas, home cleaning, that after party cleaning. He got it all. 🔥 Clean better than a house wife 🤞🏾 Years deep in it. Lemme explain this how you keep your house is a reflection of yourself. Why not let Tahmir help you stand out? You do jersey or nah?

( Jessica Hunter )

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