The LIVES with Literaturebyjessc FT @Phoenixfitness876 @lovemorehaji

So I’ve decided to go live a lot more recently on Literaturebyjessc before bringing ” Talent Vibez ” back just to see who really rockin’ wit me and who not. And let me tell ya’ll, we’ve had the most amazing vibez. We’ve had the most amazing conversations not just about the music and other entertainment industry, but politics and today’s life in general. I’ve had many features, but the main one that stuck to me was yesterdays live with Haji.

I loved how open she was about what she’s been through because it allows others who may have been through the same to heal in a different way, maybe even the same as I have seen many follow in her footsteps including myself.

Now one of the many things she emphasized is the use of social media and how now n days it basically depicts who we are people. The hair you wear, the nail color, people hate to see you happy and then turn around and get/do the exact same thing. We also took a look at ourselves as humans. Instead of coming together as one, we are degrading one another.

When I say degrading, prime example, Haji and her model pictures. She loves her body and the skin she;s in and that’s all that matters, she does it for her career and positivity, but to others one may say bad things such as the word “thot,” and then turn around and do the same thing. How do you know what is apart of ones career? How do you know they really feel that post just because they posted it? It could be a whole nother feeling behind that electronic device. Why does what I’m doing matter to you? Or the shoes I walk in if you do nothing to contribute to that situation.

Everything I do and say is meant to be positive. When I blog, go live with, and work with others it’s meant to be a positive thing even if it’s only for you in some cases, best belive the biggest blessing given in return was to know you’ve helped someone. If you’re lucky enough, you may still catch the live, if not, when I tell you to join in, you better join, cuz IT GOES DOWN. CHECK THIS OUT THOUGH:


( Jessica Hunter)

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