Dead Presidents

I’ve had the pleasure of watching ThatBoiiTone even on his worst days, and he still has always made a way to prosper. When I first met Tone, he didn’t have the same mindset as he does now. Noticing that there are people who care, and people who understood him, pushed him further. Now it’s like everyday son got more content being pushed out, twice as much.

I’ve watched him not have time for no stupid n*gga, to actually off the dome right in front of you. It’s amazing how and where he does it. Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the time in. But Tone did, irregardless if student loans was gonna take his taxes.


He recently dropped “ Dead Presidents, ” via Youtube and the loan and support was amazing. The melody coincided deeply with the words he spoke, you could feel his words through that melody. ” I don’t need help with my demons cuz they on my plate, and when you struggle from the bottom that’s gon’ make you great.” This is something that taught me a lesson of an issue I haven’t even faced ye. Very proud to have witnessed this moment, and those to come. KEEP GOING MY GUY. It’s that ambition!

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( Jessica Hunter )

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