Stronger Than Ever

So I’ve been gone for a minute, experienced many new things in the process. I learn something new each day whether it be by being literaturebyjessc, or being an adult.

Last we touched base, we spoke upon my bonnet and sweatpants incident. This month, I’ve got soo much to tell you about. First off Happy Black History Month ( which I have a special surprise coming soon). Second, I did set up a “gofundme” account for the gifts and visitations of neurological patients similar to myself. For a start on my part, I think it went great!

Khalil’s Gods Gift, who was unfortunately thrown from the backseat of a car, through the front windshield, and had to re-learn the basics of walking, talking, eating, etc., after a timely coma. This lucky got to meet my favorite ” Little Couple “ Jen Arnold and Bill Klein,” but, we’ve also had a great time taking many trips to buffets, and beautiful sites.

Originally Khalil and I attended High school together, He’s always been a great supporter of literaturebyjessc. He’s told his story everywhere, and has been acknowledged deeply upon “literaturebyjessc’s instagram live” by many other talents such as Tone, My barber ( Chinstar ), People in Jamaica 🇯🇲 Tennity tenn , and so much more. I wish we saved the live that day!

Did I mention Khalil Can cook? We sat down after me waking up to coffee, eggs, pancakes, and sausage & just connected you know? It’s nice to know someone doesn’t judge you based off of your lifestyle. Guess what? We take the same meds! I’ve recently visited other patients of my doctors (names withheld due to confidentiality ), but I plan to revisit someone very very special. S/O TO HAJI AND SWAVVY  (HAJXSWAVE) FOR SUPPORTING ALL THE WAY.


Literaturebyjessc ( Jessica Hunter )

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