That Walk To Work

So I was on my way to work after leaving the frame and seen nothing but masks all over. Roads were empty, businesses were closed, and along comes the funeral procession. Typically the cop leads, and the rest follow with hazard lights on as done.

Now as “Dangerous” as this virus is, and we are still unprotected; It’s hard to have family gatherings, graduations, and funerals. We’re loosing our lives to a virus. It’s like we have no birthday, no nothing any more. Anyways, as the limo rides past, she grabs the window, looks me directly in my eyes and weeps so dearly, and all I could do was put my head down. This is truly sad, I honestly felt that in my heart.

What are we going to do? The government is seen to always only care about themselves. There are disabled, homeless, sick, etc., who come to the government in search of help on a daily basis, and that government behind that wall takes nobody serious because as long as their family is fine that’s all that matters. They laugh and joke, and spend hours before your name is called, or they come up with an idea. Unfortunately for us, Trump’s hotel’s and businesses will fall and that is one of his main focuses right now. When the house said he abuses his title of “President”, I finally felt that. But this is who you guys choose to elect. So now that there is low stock everywhere, no cure for this virus, and a danger for our population? What is to be done?

Jessica Hunter

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