It should never take for something to happen in order for one to realize they have responsibilities. We as humans tend to get sidetracked with the thoughts and impressions of others forgetting we have our own responsibilities.

One of my favorite responsibilities is taking care of my house. It truly showed me who’s there for you and who’s not; how to go out and get it on your own, how to budget, how to pay bills, all at 22 when I first got this apartment. STILL maintaining, the best part about it is my dedication. Nothing or nobody can stop me from becoming greater than the person I was yesterday.

We should pay a lot more attention to ourselves as opposed to what others think. If you have a child, do any and everything you can to love and protect that child irregardless of it’s age, none of us asked to be here, it’s YOUR responsibility to be there as a parent even if it’s just to guide. Another one of my favorite responsibilities is the ability to deliver greatness towards you guys. I enjoy uplifting someone else’s day, even if mine wasn’t so good. Literaturebyjessc is something I’m so dedicated to because I feel I would let those who believed in me, pushed me forward, and gave me that stepping stone, down.

( Jessica Hunter )

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