Bubsy Millions is ALWAYS a “Vibe Out” here.

My boy Bubsy Millions is VERY versatile with his music. What Lil Wayne say? ” Versatile as fuck, I switch it up like Dennis Rodman’s dome. Bubsy can tell you about going through anything Depression, make you Believe, and Vibe out.

Each song/album/EP has a different style, has a different style, and that’s what I love the most about Bubsy Millions. He has a song for every mood. Although he might’ve grew up in them trenches, he doesn’t make that his priority to rap about. Bubsy makes sure you feel what he’s saying, and his team ( Millionaires Music, etc.), does a great job with the production.

” I Do This In My Sleep.”

The people he incorporates in his circle have nothing but great intentions for him as he does himself. “ I do this in my sleep,” gave me the power to Believe. ” Oh now they Believe us, cuz we the sh*t?” See not everyone wears your size shoe, so they don’t understand what you’ve been through. I haven’t even fully met Bubsy Millions face to face, and his whole ambition is AMAZING. Each day he’s got new work, even if it’s just a promo flyer, but lately that music has been back to back as it should be.

Vibeout was something special to me because not many men are open to their feelings about women especially not in music. Now n’ days, it’s about having guns and having sex. In this song, he showed genuine love and emotion from the lyrics to the beat. Check him out on all social platforms BELOW. Stay Tuned for every project he drops and every blog that follows.


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( Jessica Hunter )

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