Boog Jefferson Checking Off That Checklist

boog jefferson-checklist

At a certain point in age, one realizes it is time to spread their wings and progress upon themselves in any way possible in order to succeed in life. Boog Jefferson has done that in just a short period of time. If we take a look from “Talk About It“, to “Lights“, to “Jab“, and then to “Checklist” we see a huge difference mentally.

talk about it photo shoot


In the beginning of “Talk About It” he leaves a strong intro of what we typically hear about anyone with talent. ” Ayo my boy, what’s good man?… Word around town man n*ggas got mad shit they been saying.” And then he dropped that heat on ya’ll. Dedicated  and medicated right? CHECK IT OUT.

big mood talk

Now in “Lights” I feel as though his mindset changed. He became more confident within  himself. He rapped with confidence, he believed in himself more as a man, as a rapper. He know’s he’s bound to be the greatest, similar words of Excell.


Boog Jefferson hit ya’ll with that “Jab“. It was constant flow showing the true meaning of hitting somebody with a “Jab” except he hit you with lyrics. It was like determination and ambition saying “I’m back, you thought I was gone?” And I got a whole Checklist I’m counting down. Juggling being a great dad, and his music, his hit Checklist, and his actual Checklist if you get what I’m saying. Checklist was in my eyes was his way of being untouched. “N*gga can’t tell me nothing.” Everybody should have that mindset. He’s always coming with more and more, new ideas, new promotions, new thoughts, new ways to expand, and still handling his personal life. That’s what I grasped from the song. “Daughter on the way, I’m a happy dad” CONGRATS! Boog Jefferson I definitely put some respeCK on ya name cuz they keep calling you Boog and not Boog Jefferson. M.Stacks definitely gave Boog Jefferson a good review and was willing to work with him to do whatever it takes to make sure Boog Jefferson’s goal is accomplished. We all wanna eat, why not help eachother?

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( Jessica Hunter )

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