Bubsy Millions-Get High

Bubsy Millions has done it again, Back to Back material even during Covid-19, he wants you to see and know how hard he’s working. Bubsy’s got his hood on smash with his new single ” Get High “.

Now because I’m a 90’s baby with an older mentality, I’m able to say such things. Bubsy can switch up his flow on any beat, but this beat kind of made me feel as if my elbow was hanging out the window and I was really cruising up the block, getting “high”. He has a nice way of connecting today’s world vs the past. For Example, Smoke a ounce and then we leave.” What do most of our young heads do before partying, when bored, and heading out?

“N*ggas couldn’t beat me, even in their dreams. It’s always great to think positive, especially in the music industry. Rap beef comes from all angles. Overall, I love Bubsy the most for the fact that I can connect with him through words more than beats and music flow, I can actually feel his lyrics as if my foot is in that shoe.

Every since I first met Bubsy, I seen his ambition for everything so clear. He didn’t just say ” I want it,” he seeked of ways to improvise, and bring those around him up. He’s always releasing a new song or album with the determination for us to see and understand his words. Bubsy caught my eye with his hit “Depression” so hard that I listen to it each day. It’s a type of song to push you foward. I look forward to it all.

Bubsy Millions Instagram // Twitter // Spotify // Soundcloud

( Jessica Hunter )

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