What The Mask Did To Us

Covid-19 has turned us all against each other, and turned us against ourselves. One thing I’ve tried to do was remain the same during these past couple of months. I’ve seen and witnessed a lot of great things, as well as a lot of negative.

Both things I’ve learned from, I was already prepared for; like staying stocked up on everything versus unnecessary arguments that can be half blamed on this virus. It’s causing frustration, lack of communication, confusion as to “what’s next”. If everyone was able to float about our business on our own, life would be a different story, we wouldn’t be up the crack of each other’s asses.

Maybe the idea of social distancing is not only well because of Covid-19, but if you look at it from a different aspect, it gives you a moment to sit back and focus on you and what you can do to become better. In my social distance stances, I’ve learned to appreciate life. I decided to risk my health, for others, for my pockets as well because honestly the economy has crashed.

Why are most workers getting minimum wage, and not a bonus for working in this mess? God knows if our “President” or any member of the family catches Covid, a cure would come about so quickly. Did you see a homeless person today? I did the other day, same one I’ve been seeing since visiting the same place, and gave him a substantial amount for him to handle himself after holding a strong conversation elaborating how I do not support bribing people. But it was so obvious it wasn’t lying.

LISTEN UP. #PlainfieldNJ

Everybody runs to America for the money, you are the money, no matter where you are.

( Jessica Hunter )

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