8 Minutes, 46 Seconds of My Life …

So this whole week has been hectic. Both jobs had me attached, but one main event caught my eye. Thanks to 93rd, I was able to attend Mr.Hubb’s videoshoot where I’ve learned and felt so much as a human being and blogger. 1st off with “Hubb” standing for “Help Us Become Better.”

For starters, everyone was so welcoming and open to support and any ideas that could contribute to making the shoot the best that It could be. In capturing moments of everyone in action, I was able to speak with a couple of actors. One of my favorite actors, Shirley Green had a soul touching story for me, which impacted her role in the scene. Each morning, Shirley and I have our coffee light n’ sweet, and that morning I had just that. Shirley accidentally tipped it over, her instant want to replace it was so heart-warming. You could look into her eyes and tell she meant what she said.

For some reason, whatever it was that she felt grasped my heart. Shirley explained that after months of not being able to see, God has blessed her with 50% of her vision back in one eye and 100% in the other. Too often our blessings go unnoticed, and I say this because right after she refused to take the money she had given me back several times, it wasn’t until telling 93rd what happened that I noticed it was enough for the exact same size coffee as she said “Coffee on me”.

As I proceeded to return the money to her with explanation of “It is More Blessed to give than to receive”, the tears that we both shed were so real. “I could tell you have a good heart and spirit,” she explained, but isn’t that who I am and what I stand for?

Anywho, I already enjoyed what I seen upon arrival, what Hubb means is absolutely amazing, standing for the community and people. From behind the scenes, they not only want you to see what was going on during and around BLM, they wanted you to FEEL IT! When I say Shirley Green made me feel as though I was Breanna Taylor’s mother. I ran up to her instantly.

Every scene was well directed, this was really a great form of team effort, and Mr.Hubb, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

During the placement of scenes, I noticed Tonya’s kicks were on fire, literally, waiting for my pair!! Shop yours HERE !!!

( Jessica Hunter )

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