Talent Vibez

We each have our days where there is writers block, producers block, whatever; and that was a main part of what ” Talent Vibez ” with literaturebyjessc was all about. Coming together as one, visualizing and hearing others express their talent and how they came about it.

For me, Talent Vibez was a major kickoff because not only was it a time for exposure with and against one another, but we really were a family. It was no bad blood, everything was positive and uplifting. That’s where I’ve had some of the most amazing talks like with Haji; very intellectual and mature enough to see something out of nothing. Tricky Haze, upcoming and trying, that’s all that matters, looking for ways of expansion and tips. Sometimes we all just need a little push or to see a leader lead the right way before continuing.

Having Blitz on the show with Ashanti Glenn was amazing. We had different cities going with and against each other. Not to mention, Ashanti Glenn was one of the 1st female rappers to go on live and do her 1,2, thang. So guess what we gonna do ya’ll? We’re gonna bring Talent Vibez out all over; but this time, we’re going everywhere! From Instagram, to Youtube, to your livingroom, it’s going down!

Take a look at what we’ve created.

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