Living In Co-vid And Racism

Living in a pandemic as such isn’t very easy. Our children can no longer see their bestfriend everyday, or play outside without worrying about their asthma. We really have to watch how we breathe and “smell” around our elderly.

Funerals have become real nightmares and the cause of therapy along with therapy needed for the confinement of ourselves to our homes, and for some, the harassment of finding a place with little to no help. 2020 has taught us all a huge lesson. “Family over everything.” Some of us aren’t even family and have learned to come together and accept today for what it is; while others are still focused on Black Lives Matter and who is voting for who.

I should not be an essential worker, judged by my skin color, or who I choose to vote for. Half of the things we use/eat today were invented, created, or thought of by African-Americans, yet we all use it. How does that look for one to discriminate against an African-American with a sweet potato or soy beans thought of by George Washington Carver? Ever thought of that?

( Jessica Hunter )

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